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Serving and Supporting Licensed Patients In New Mexico

We are your one stop address for all your information needs on medical cannabis in New Mexico and elsewhere. Besides providing the forms you need to become a licensed patient or producer of medical cannabis in New Mexico, we offer information and links for growing medical cannabis, directions and recipes for alternative methods of ingestion (butters, tinctures, oils, cookies, brownies) and the latest news feeds on legal and policy changes for medical cannabis.

Are you a veteran with a PTSD diagnosis from your VA psychiatrist but can’t get a medical cannabis recommendation because the VA docs hands are tied?  Contact us, we will help you find a doctor outside the VA system.

We hope you find everything you need for your medical cannabis needs on our site. Let us know if we have missed a piece or if you have a need that we have not addressed. With your help and feedback, together we will build a community that will serve us all. May we all be healed!

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Support Alternatives to Incarceration in New Mexico The New Mexico Legislature has passed legislation that would provide treatment, not incarceration, for those charged with nonviolent drug possession, and we need your help to make sure Governor Martinez signs it.  Urge the governor to support treatment alternatives to incarceration.

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Before you may purchase medical marijuana in NM, you are required to register with each licensed producer you wish to buy from.

Please click on the “Registration” button above for more information, or click on the link to the right to download our registration forms now.

All downloads on our website are in .pdf format and can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need a copy, you may download it by clicking here.

The Cannabis Guild

Visit the The Cannabis Guild’s website….

The Guild’s members are among the first legal cannabis growers and distributers in the country; their goal is to grow and dispense the most effective, high-quality medical cannabis possible at reasonable prices.  This website is intended to assist that effort by informing and supporting the medical cannabis community. 

GRANNY STORM CROW’S LIST Educate yourself, your health care providers, your legislators and your family.  Four hundred and twenty pages of links to studies and anecdotal research on medical marijuana.  There’s something for everyone in this amazing document.

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Patient Survey Results

We asked our clients about their experiences with our strains of medical cannabis and what symptoms and conditions they found them useful for.  Here is what they told us!

Poetry From a Patient To All Patients

Rick Burnley, Camp Casey Poet Laureate, performing “Doobie Or Not Doobie” before a hearing of the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board.