Sensible Medical Cannabis Use

Serving and Supporting Licensed Patients In New Mexico

Lke any other psychoactive substance, medical cannabis can be misused. Excessive or inappropriate use can contribute to problems including sleepiness, overeating, and time management issues.  Clinical studies have produced widely conflicting conclusions about the true benefits and potential side effects of cannabis use. Some research reports potential dangers to the throat and lungs from smoking cannabis. Moreover, in addition to providing symptomatic relief, some people may overuse medical cannabis in place of a normal range of life experiences.

Patients using medical cannabis must make responsible decisions and use good judgment. The following guidelines help identify ways of using cannabis in a positive manner.

  1. Sensible Marijuana UseFollow recommending physician’s advice and usage guidelines.
  2. Advise your recommending physician of any change in your physical condition including pregnancy and nursing.
  3. Do not use while operating machinery or while driving a motor vehicle.
  4. Medical cannabis should be used for relief of symptoms while maintaining a healthy, balanced, and responsible lifestyle.
  5. The decision to use medical cannabis should be made freely, in consultation with a physician, and not as a result of social pressure.
  6. Medical cannabis users should stay well informed about its effects on themselves and others. These effects should include both legal and health risks and personal consequences.
  7. Medical cannabis users should model and reward responsible use.
  8. Medical cannabis users should develop sensible use limits based on personal, health, situational, and cultural factors.
  9. Avoid medical cannabis use that puts you or others at risk, such as when driving, at work, or in public places. Remember, you are subject to the rules and regulations of the Medical Cannabis Program of the New Mexico Department of Health. In addition, medical cannabis still illegal under federal law and subject to penalties.