Eatibles vs Smokables

Inhaled cannabis triggers the CB1 receptors in our body’s endocannabinoid system. These CB1 receptors are located in our central nervous system. Ingested cannabis triggers the CB2 receptors located in our bodies gastrointestinal tract. Two different receptor and two distinct responses. Ingested cannabis is first processed by our liver which changes its component nature and increases the cannabinoid affect and duration.

In order for the body to process ingested cannabinoids, they must first be dissolved in oil or alcohol, eating plain buds is ineffective. Inhalation is effective within minutes and allows for immediate relief.  Inhalation has a limited duration in comparison to ingestion. Ingestion takes 60 to 90 minutes to take full effect. Inhaled cannabis is suitable for immediate symptomatic relief and ingested cannabis suitable for the prevention of symptoms (prophylactic).  Ingestion allows for a more complete absorption of the cannabinoids and has a  longer duration then inhalation.

Edible medicine is not for everyone and we suggest experimenting with a smaller dose (amount) at first.  An optimal ingested dose of cannabis will last for four to six hours once it takes effect. POTENCY — the less in your stomach the better. Food traps some of the active ingredients and prevents much of the medicine from entering into the blood stream.

Our bottles are sealed with a shrink wrapped cap, our candies are in sealed cellophane, medicine can cannot be returned once the seal is broken.